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What’s Impacting CX in 2018

The “customer experience” is getting so much hype these days it even has its own hip moniker: CX. Why is CX the hot topic right now? One reason is because tech titans like Amazon and Netflix have completely redefined it. For Amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook and others, CX is alpha and omega, front and center,…

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Improve Account Profitability With Account Activation

It’s a common enough experience: The first date goes great. You talk for hours and really seem to click. At the end of the date, you go home convinced you’ve found the one. Then he or she doesn’t call the next day or the day after that. By the end of the week, you’re so…

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Don’t Miss This Cross-sell Opportunity

Do you wish your customers a happy birthday? It’s a chance to make a cross-sell offer and to strengthen the banking relationship with your bank customers or credit union members. Obviously, your message shouldn’t be, “It’s your birthday, so open a new account.” No one appreciates such a blatant tactic. So what should you do?…

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Are Pocket Branches the Alternative? (They’re not what you think.)

Are pocket branches a big part of banking’s future? I’m not referring to the cell phones your customers carry in their pockets and use for mobile banking. I’m talking about size. And as the old saying goes, size matters. So what does “pocket” mean for banking? The British came up with the term “pocket battleship”…

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Free is “kinda slimy”?

Sometimes I shake my head when I hear comments from people who call themselves marketers. The statement below was in an email and forwarded to me. An individual at a bank, whose title is VP of Marketing, wrote the original message. It refers to a marketing promotion created for the bank. “I would say let’s…

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What’s the Purpose of Your FI’s Website?

Why does your bank or credit union have a website? I know the real answer is, “Because all the other financial institutions do.” That’s apparent when I visit some FI websites, as I do every week. Certainly, some financial institutions have great sites. Full of useful information. Easy to use. Well designed. Then there are…

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Another “Loaded” Example to Study

I must have a fixation with Archaeology magazine’s marketing promotions. This is the fifth time I’m using the publisher as an example of good marketing techniques you can adopt or adapt to your own campaigns. In the latest envelope package that arrived in late June, prospects would first notice the special price offer. It’s so…

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