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Big Data Helped Win the World Cup

When Germany’s soccer team defeated Argentina 1-0 in the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup final, the champion team had a “secret weapon” in its favor: big data. Throughout the tournament leading up to the final, team managers used a custom-created data analysis tool to analyze performance metrics and create performance targets for specific players, the…

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Assembling data is not the same as adding value

I’ve mentioned “big data” several times over the last few months in my blogs. I have discussed what it is and talked about the impact it may have on financial institutions in the future. With all the promise this wealth of new data brings, however, it’s important to not lose sight of the forest among…

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Community Banks Must Adapt and Big Data Can Help

An article last December on the website raised a lot of eyebrows when its author claimed that there are too many banks in the United States. The article also made the argument that the American people would be better served if many of these financial institutions were swallowed up by much larger regional banks….

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Beware the Faulty Data Trap

Big Data. Pick up any marketing magazine or read a marketing newsletter and you’re likely to find articles about data and how marketers use data to sort out the best prospects. Selective marketing using any medium is the smart way to save marketing dollars and increase Return On Investment. But be sure your own data…

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