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Bank branches: Out of favor, but far from dead

Kudos to Deluxe for assembling a great roster of thought-provoking content for its Deluxe Exchange in early February. One of my KPIs for the value of such conferences is the volume of notes I’m inspired to take for future reference. I left Miami with ten pages of food for thought in my notebook—and the actual…

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The Future of the Branch: They Still Play a Vital Role in Your CX

If you spend time reading trade publications like I do, you’ll see a lot of articles declaring the death of things … direct mail, community banking, debit rewards, and even checks (how dare they!) One that I see quite frequently though is the death of the bank branch. I think this declaration is a little…

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DX17 Offers Insight into Improving UX, Payments, and Future of Branches

Registration for the upcoming Deluxe Exchange 17 (DX17) is in full swing. Whether your focus is on the retail or commercial side of your financial institution, you’ll find the DX17 agenda packed with valuable sessions. Slated for Feb. 7-8, 2017, at the legendary Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, DX17 will feature some of the financial industry’s…

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Talks With a Millennial: What Millennials Don’t Know About Branches

The average bank customer is going to get younger. It’s just a matter of time, given the fact that Millennials (people born between 1982 and 2000) now comprise the largest generation in the country. I think most banks know they need to actively pursue a demographic whose sheer size gives it transformative power over the…

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Hello Our Name is The Millennial – Please Cater To Us

I can vividly recall my grandfather, an Air Force veteran, singing me military hymns to lull me to sleep or captivating my interests with stories about “the good ‘ole days”. We’ve all heard them, and you may have even told a few of these same tales. “When I was your age, I walked 10 miles…

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Manage your measurements to maximize branch performance

The old business maxim “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is particularly true when it comes to branch performance in community banks. Every metric must be monitored to make sure the business is operating at its peak, and most financial institutions do a good job of collecting this information for analysis. It’s at this…

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Branches for Everyone

“We want to focus on the affluent.” If I collected cash every time I heard or read that sentiment, I’d be sitting on the porch of a cabin in a national park, retired, relaxed, and taking in a great view. Since no one pays me on that basis, I’m here to share with you some…

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