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The Battle for Retail Deposits

A coffer filled to the brim with low-cost deposits … ah, those were the days. As anyone in banking will tell you, the days of free-wheeling deposit growth for community banks are grinding to a halt. The reason? The Federal Reserve made good on its promise to raise rates, and more are coming down the…

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Forbes, Faster Payments, and FinTech: Cutting-Edge Banking Topics at Deluxe Exchange 2018

Hundreds of movers and shakers in the banking industry will mix, mingle, and get up to speed on the latest industry topics when Deluxe Exchange (aka DX18) takes place in Boca Raton, Florida, Feb. 5-7. The annual banking conference sponsored by Deluxe Financial Services attracts leading treasury management, retail banking, and marketing executives from across…

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Just Where is Check Decline Occurring?

The Federal Reserve’s Payment Study is considered the gold standard for predicting the future health of the common check in the increasingly competitive payments landscape. And a surface view of Fed data could lead you to conclude that checks are riding a greased rail into oblivion. In my blog, “Checks are Dead? Does This Still…

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