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Bad News is Actually Good News for Direct Mail

Has unbiased journalism gone the way of our free market economy?   A questionable article is actually good news for direct mail marketers!   My latest edition of DM News arrived in the mail a couple of days ago.  Please note, it did not arrive via e-mail – it arrived as regular mail delivered by…

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Ask for the Sale

Three car purchases ago, I walked into a GM dealership. On the showroom floor a sporty Camero caught my attention. That’s why it was in the showroom, after all. I wandered over and opened the car door. That made a salesman appear from nowhere. But I was surprised at the indifference he showed. During our…

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Marketing to Who?

I have a friend I’ve known since high school. When he shot a hole-in-one a couple of weeks ago, there was a small mention in his city’s newspaper, which someone gave to me. I sent him a note that teased him for using his wife and brother-in-law as witnesses. I told him if he ever…

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Direct Response Versus Branding Ads

I was shocked by what I didn’t see!   Last Sunday as I was paging through my local newspaper in Sacramento, I came across two bank ads and one credit union ad.  The first ad was a half-pager placed by one of the largest – and oldest – banks in the country.  The second, page-dominant…

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Banking and the car wash

Before I can fill up, the pump always asks: car wash today? I usually say no. But about every two months I say yes. And when I do I’m given three choices: 1. Supreme, with everything including Sunshine wax (don’t know what that is) and under-carriage cleaning. 2. Deluxe, basically a wash with some sort…

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New Movers or Old Movers?

Most of us would describe the average New Mover as being a recent graduate, a young worker, or a young family. Those are images I had in mind when I’ve written New Mover promotional materials. Recently, I read a newspaper article that said the older generations of Americans are moving in increasing numbers. The Boomers,…

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A No Hassle Credit Card App Becomes A Hassle!

For a while there I thought my wife and I would never again see another credit card offer arrive in our daily mail. The slumping economy with accompanying credit crisis all but stopped the credit card mailers dead in their tracks. What once was a steady stream quickly slowed to a trickle and finally stopped…

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