Check and Fraud: Unique Insight at DX19

Trevor Rasmussen January 8th, 2019

At Deluxe Exchange 2019, held Feb. 4-6 in Miami, you’ll glean wisdom and insights from global visionaries, access targeted sessions that address your most pressing pain points, form significant connections with financial industry peers, and experience new product demos that will impact the way you approach business.

We’ve built nearly two full days of engaging, thought-provoking, innovation-rich content, covering four major tracks and themes that are based on feedback from past attendees, our customers, and industry insights. Look for more information in the run-up to DX19; for now, here’s a preview of our Check and Fraud track.

Check and Fraud

One minute checks are “dead”; the next they are outperforming expectations. One thing is clear: Your check program shouldn’t be on autopilot! We’ve put together an excellent lineup of speakers and topics that will challenge your thinking and give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy, successful check program. We’ll also be taking a look at the future of branch banking, trends in the payments industry, and how you can provide increased security and enhanced experiences to your customers.

Sessions include:

Building the Bank Branch for the Digital Age
Bill McCracken, Phoenix Synergistics

Rapid technological advances continue to alter the banking industry, leaving banks and credit unions struggling to stay ahead. Meanwhile, consumer behaviors and expectations are changing. Banking customers today want and expect to interact with true, integrated digital branches, where they can complete transactions digitally, and also find support and product information using self-serve technology. In this session, Bill McCracken will share brand-new consumer research that highlights the evolving demands placed on bank and credit union branches, including:

  • The importance of branch location
  • The role of branches, specifically to the checking product
  • The impact of ATMs, online and mobile banking
  • Customer experience in terms of digital features and services in the branch
  • Consumer satisfaction

Consumers’ Role in the Payments Transformation
Glen Sarvady, 154 Advisors, and Claire Greene, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

There is no shortage of opinions on the “next big trend” in payments or what drives consumer adoption. For authoritative, fact-based data, however, the Federal Reserve is clearly the go-to source. The Fed’s Diary of Consumer Payment Choice study explores how Americans really pay and how payments are changing over time. Claire Greene will share insights from this and other new Fed research, including a groundbreaking study on payment fraud. Industry expert Glen Sarvady will help place these findings in context for banks’ marketing and investment plans.

Success Stories Amid a Turbulent Age of Relentless Threats
Angela Murphy and John Evans, EZShield

In an age when data breaches are all too common and fraudsters are relentlessly targeting consumers to steal information for a profit, proactive protection and white-glove restoration are battling back. As new technologies emerge, so do the threats facing your institution and customers. Oversharing on social media, coupled with demand for an always-on approach to business with a focus on mobility, has created increased opportunity for exposure. We will look at how you can help your customers overcome these obstacles while delivering an enriched customer experience that fuels increased revenue.

We’ll deliver information on how you can:

  • Empower customers to protect their identities and remove the burden of going it alone for an enriching customer experience
  • Include a robust set of account protection features that drive revenue
  • Provide interactive experiences with meaningful educational tools and resources
  • Help customers uphold proper security standards and protect their data on connected devices

One Year In: The Impact of Channel Shift on a Checking Relationship
Tracey Engelhardt, Deluxe Financial Services; Kendra Sutton, United Bank; and Chris Powell, Citizens Bank

Consumer habits are changing. While it’s been slower to affect some aspects of banking, Deluxe has found that offering an opportunity to shift the check ordering process to digital channels is appealing to consumers and businesses alike, and beneficial to their financial institution.

Last year, Deluxe rolled out its Channel Shift Plus program to its check customers to help them drive more check orders to self-serve channel options. At DX18 Kendra Sutton from United Bank joined Deluxe on stage to share how, as an early adopter, United planned to work with Deluxe to move their customers into a self-service ordering environment. Kendra returns in 2019, alongside Chris Powell from Citizens Bank, to discuss the program from two different viewpoints – one with an already-established program, the other launching in 2019. Together they’ll share how channel shift helps improve check program earnings, reduce the time and resources committed to processing orders, and improve the customer experience.

For more information about the sessions, the tracks, and to register, visit Deluxe Exchange: Insights, Ideas and Inspiration.

This content is accurate at the time of publication and may not be updated.