Three Ways to Get the Most From Direct Mail

Mark Arnold March 28th, 2018
Marketing Insights

Admittedly, direct mail doesn’t rank as highly in most marketing campaigns as it did twenty years ago. However, direct marketing also has not gone the way of the dinosaur. If anything, the rise of email and digital communication has helped direct mail carve its own specialized niche (once marketers understand how it can be tied to directing consumers back to a website).

In order to get the most bang for the buck from your next campaign, consider the following best practices:

Tightly identify your audience

Blanket mail campaigns are typically a waste of time. In order to drive traffic (and marketing ROI) the direct mail component of any campaign must focus on specific target markets. There are a number of ways you can break this down (geographically, gender, household income, kids/no kids, etc.). Whichever route you go, ensure your campaigns are tightly targeted.

[Editor’s Note: We have another great blog on this topic called Data Analysis and Machine Learning Causing Evolution in Direct Marketing, where we talk about the impact that data analysis is having on our ability to target audiences with precision using direct mail. Learn how Deluxe Marketing Solutions can help you more tightly target your audiences with our proprietary data assets.]

Make a compelling offer

If you are able to grab the consumer’s eyes for a split second with your direct mail piece, you’ve got to have a compelling offer. Simply sending a colorful card with information about a financial product or service will not do. There must be some type of hook that not only gets the consumer’s attention but also compels him or her to actually call you/visit your website/send a text, etc.

Use eye-catching visuals in your direct mail pieces

In the scant few seconds you have to catch the consumer’s attention with direct mail, you must wow them visually. It can’t be packed with words (people just don’t read that much anymore). It also shouldn’t lead with generic stock photo imagery. The best way to promote your bank or credit union visually is to use real images of real consumers that are positively impacted by your products and services. This translates as authentic and trustworthy.

While direct marketing is not the five-hundred-pound marketing gorilla it was decades ago, it still has a role to play in many marketing campaigns. If you use direct mail in your bank or credit union marketing efforts, stick to best practices including those above for a better chance at success.

This content is accurate at the time of publication and may not be updated.