What’s on the Agenda for DX18?

Trevor Rasmussen September 28th, 2017

Can you believe fall is here? You’re probably diving into Q4 and all the hours of planning, forecasting, and analyzing that go into prepping for next year. We know you’re busy, but don’t forget — Deluxe Exchange 2018 (DX18) will be here before you know it!

You’ll notice quickly when you visit the Deluxe Exchange website that we’ve given the brand a refresh and with that comes an exciting and vigorous speaker lineup. Our team is already hard at work lining up the industry’s top thought-leaders to speak on a variety of compelling topics that are sure to be on everyone’s mind next year.

DX18 will be Feb. 5-7, 2018, in Boca Raton, Florida, and we have an impressive cast of keynote speakers lined up, including Steve Forbes, chairman and editor in chief of Forbes Media; Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business Network’s Global Markets Editor; author Daniel Pink; and our own John Filby, president of Deluxe Financial Services.

While every aspect of DX18 is designed to ensure attendees gain valuable insights, ideas and inspiration, our breakout sessions are — attendees consistently tell us — the real stars of the event. Many of the topics we’ve been following and talking about throughout the year, sharing our insights through our Deluxe blog. Highlights will include:

  • Big data— Everything financial institutions need to know about storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of data. Back in Q2, we blogged about the five forms of data analysis every marketer should know, and which rely on big data.
  • Regulatory matters— If 2017 has been a regulatory roller coaster ride, it’s anyone’s guess what might happen in 2018, but our experts will offer insight into what could occur in the regulatory environment. In July, we examined one aspect of regulatory changes — deregulation and customer trust.
  • Artificial intelligence— AI is taking on tasks that once could only be done by humans. How can financial institutions reap the most value from AI?
  • Outsourcing— What should financial institutions know before making the decision to outsource marketing? We touched on outsourcing to build a world-class marketing team with a blog in May.
  • Marketing technology— Bank number crunchers aren’t the only ones whose job is changing because of technology. We’ll explore how tech is also changing the landscape for financial institution marketers. Back in May, we had some insight on how bank marketers can be heard in today’s digital marketplace.
  • Customer segmentation— Effective marketing relies on successfully reaching and targeting unique banking segments. How is technology facilitating better segmentation?
  • Customer experience— How can financial institutions deliver an outstanding customer experience throughout every phase of the customer journey? In March, we talked about how tech can help banks deliver a more humanized experience.
  • Fintech— We’ll explore how technology continues to redefine the industry and how your financial institution can work with FinTech providers to better serve your account holders.
  • Onboarding— The early days of the customer/bank relationship are critical. Is your financial institution making the right moves to ensure new customers are effectively onboarded? In June, we talked about onboarding the segment many banks seem to find most challenging — millennials — with this blog.

It’s topics like these, presented and explored by financial industry thought leaders, that have made Deluxe Exchange a premier event for financial institutions. Throughout Q4, we’ll continue to provide updates on what’s in store for DX18. Meanwhile, there’s still time to register for DX18 with early-bird pricing until Sept. 30. See you in Boca Raton!

This content is accurate at the time of publication and may not be updated.