Main Street, USA = Community Financial Institutions + Small Businesses

Deluxe Corporation May 23rd, 2019

Our Small Business Revolution – Main Street team recently finished its 2019 series of small business marketing seminars. Since 2016, the team put on more than 20 free seminars taking place in locations from Oregon and Washington state to South Carolina, Texas, and Michigan. In these FREE one-day seminars, small business experts shared insights and suggestions to help small business owners operate and market their business.

Earlier this week, the SBR team published a blog recapping this experience. As part of this blog, they shared an observation they made about the unique connection that community financial institutions have with the small businesses in their community. Often times, the sponsors for these seminars were local community banks and credit unions who understand the importance of small businesses to their community.

We thought our readers would enjoy hearing about the impact they are having on their local community! In communities big and small across the country, small businesses and community financial institutions share a common heartbeat that sustains their towns, their neighborhoods, and their cities. Deluxe is proud and honored to serve these businesses and financial institutions that make up the heart of Main Street, USA.

Small Businesses + Community Financial Institutions = Main Street, USA

By Cameron Potts, Vice President of Public Relations and Community Management

Leaving behind a well-paying job and a steady paycheck, Jonas Janek knew he wanted to follow his dream and open his own small business in Alton, Illinois. Buoyed by his wife, Andrea, who kept her job, Janek went all-in when he opened his custom metal fabrication shop, Henley Forge. And then reality set in.

Like so many other small business owners across the country, Janek had a dream of where he would take his business but getting there proved to be harder than he thought. Unlike other small business owners, he had a background in business, and the financial savings to get him through. But he brought a series of questions with him to a free marketing seminar Deluxe Corporation offered for small business owners one Saturday morning in Alton.

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