DX19 Spotlight: A.I. for Treasury & Commercial Banking

Alyssa Rock January 2nd, 2019

Deluxe Exchange 2019, taking place February 4-6 in Miami, will bring leading industry experts together with treasury executives and commercial banking leaders from across the North American financial community.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) top of mind for many business banking executives, we’re highlighting our top three breakout sessions focused on where these capabilities fit within the industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Myths, Legends, & Opportunities

The banking industry’s infatuation with Artificial Intelligence continues to be fueled by promises of cut costs, boosted returns, and amplified productivity. As the largest banks race to adopt, the rest of the industry continues to wait for data on where AI can deliver the most value. In this session designed for commercial banking and treasury management executives, Marie Lynne Desrochers of the Canadian-based AI firm AI Outcome will demystify AI and review the best use cases that are worth exploring. Join this session to get a practical framework on how to view key opportunities and business drivers, and hear real examples of AI in the commercial banking market today.

The Bold Bank’s Guide to AI Adoption

Treasury and commercial bank leaders will get concrete considerations for implementing AI from industry peer Marie Lynne Desrochers, a seasoned senior financial executive with 25 years of experience building and expanding businesses in commercial banking. Discover what your bank will need to spend its efforts on before starting an AI related initiative, learn how to leverage AI to accelerate your business strategies, understand how to prioritize your initiatives, and hear the best practices to adopt for optimal results. Desrochers will share the struggles banks and other relevant industries have encountered when implementing AI into their organizations, and best practices for overcoming these challenges.

Artificial Intelligence: BNY Mellon’s Early-Adoption Edge

Many receivables processors and in-house providers question their ability to process payments efficiently and accurately in an ever-challenging environment composed of reduced paper payments. Early adoption of the latest workflow automation technologies creates an opportunity to grow processing volumes, maintain operational scale and improve quality. In this session, BNY Mellon experts share their story of successfully implementing AI technologies to automate the payee validation function within their receivables payment processing solution. Learn how being an early adopter of AI has allowed BNY Mellon to improve operational efficiencies and processing quality.

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