DX17 Offers Insight into Improving UX, Payments, and Future of Branches

Trevor Rasmussen November 21st, 2016

Registration for the upcoming Deluxe Exchange 17 (DX17) is in full swing. Whether your focus is on the retail or commercial side of your financial institution, you’ll find the DX17 agenda packed with valuable sessions.

Slated for Feb. 7-8, 2017, at the legendary Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, DX17 will feature some of the financial industry’s most respected and successful professionals. Our presenters will speak on a range of challenges and opportunities the banking industry currently faces. Top sessions include:

The Rise of the New Digital Consumer at DX17

FinTech and Mobile Banking are hot topics in the industry, yet nearly half of all consumers still haven’t downloaded or used a mobile banking app! Even though demand is growing for digital products and services, consumers need to be educated on how to best use those products to their advantage. Lily Harder of Mintel will discuss how consumers feel about FinTech and Mobile Banking, and provide examples of how financial institutions can tackle the dilemma of educating consumers about the technology.

Leading a Branch Revival to Win Your Customers’ Hearts

The branch was once the cynosure of the customer/bank relationship, but those days are gone. Fewer people are going into branches, opting instead to use direct channels for their banking needs. Will 2017 finally be the year branches fall by the wayside? Probably not, and Alyson Clarke of Forrester Research will explain how branches can survive if they undergo a digital revolution. She’ll talk about the changing role of branches, why it’s still to an FI’s competitive advantage to have branches, how leading firms are digitally transforming their branches, and what attendees can do to transform their own branches.

The Fed’s Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System

Consumer and merchants alike want a payment system that’s both fast and secure — but banks can’t achieve that on their own. The Federal Reserve has a plan for improving the U.S. payment system, and Sean Rodriguez of the Federal Reserve will offer insight into strategies. The Faster Payments Task Forces is a collaboration of the Federal Reserve and approximately 300 payment system stakeholders. The task force will publish its final report in 2017 with its insights into what needs to happen to make real-time payments a reality. Rodriguez will discuss what’s in the pipeline from the Federal Reserve and how attendees can get involved in the ongoing efforts to improve the U.S. payments system.

Why User Experience is So Important to Financial Services Companies

Deluxe’s own Will Sansbury will talk about why user experience (UX) in financial services software and online tools is critical to customer acquisition, retention and relationship building. Most software still remains painfully difficult for consumers to use, yet the heart of UX is listening to and understanding customers. Sansbury will talk about the impact poor user experience can have, and why it’s vital to select vendors and solutions that ensure customers will have great experiences now and in the future. He’ll explore:

  • How UX makes life better for you and your customers.
  • How UX is helping to improve offerings at Deluxe.
  • How you can help Deluxe design the next generation of financial services software.

Registration is now open for DX17. Click here to register online.


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