Forbes, Faster Payments, and FinTech: Cutting-Edge Banking Topics at Deluxe Exchange 2018

Trevor Rasmussen December 7th, 2017
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Hundreds of movers and shakers in the banking industry will mix, mingle, and get up to speed on the latest industry topics when Deluxe Exchange (aka DX18) takes place in Boca Raton, Florida, Feb. 5-7.

The annual banking conference sponsored by Deluxe Financial Services attracts leading treasury management, retail banking, and marketing executives from across the U.S. for two days of exclusive presentations and networking opportunities. Last year, 100 percent of attendees ranked the content of the conference as fantastic or good, 96 percent felt it met or exceeded expectations and 96 percent said they’d recommend it to colleagues.

This year, the event’s 60-some breakout sessions cover a spectrum of industry-relevant topics ranging from the role of big data and AI to shaping your institution’s culture. Banking experts will opine on the ever-changing regulatory environment for 2018 and advise on everything from customer segmentation to optimizing your customer experiences.

The roster of speakers and subjects is strategically designed to address the most pressing issues impacting today’s banking and lending professionals. Expect to view compelling new product demos, gain valuable new insights, and meet other experienced professionals willing to share solutions to present-day industry challenges

This year’s keynote speakers at Deluxe Exchange include Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media; Maria Bartiromo, global markets editor at Fox Business Network; Daniel Pink, bestselling author of five books on work, business, and behavior, and Deluxe Financial Services President, John Filby.

Other highlights for 2018:

  • At our Solution Studio, Deluxe customers can seek product advice from our team of product managers and developers while checking out the latest iterations of our products. We will also feature a number of 10-minute presentations explaining and demonstrating industry innovations.
  • Nancy Harhut from HBT Marketing will share marketing “hacks” for financial institutions to help them tap into the way people subconsciously make decisions. This session could completely change the way you write subject lines, design ads and landing pages, structure offers, and create mailings.
  • Celent’s Bob Meara presents on the crucial role of integrated RDC and lockbox tools in the treasury management process of the future.
  • Mary Beth Sullivan of Capital Performance Group will discuss optimal methods of maximizing engagement and building relationships with new customers.
  • Lily Harder of Mintel will teach protocols for effectively onboarding new customers through digital engagement.
  • Ernie Martin of Receivables Savvy will show how AI tools are being leveraged to make payment processing more efficient.
  • Jim Perry of Market Insights discusses the importance of establishing an effective company culture. He’ll share reasons why culture change fails, how to identify drivers of culture, and ways to connect your culture to marketing success.
  • Jonathan Marguilies of Winterberry Group reviews his predictions for how data will continue to revolutionize marketing and advertising.
  • Jan Estep of NACHA talks about the evolution of electronic payments and ways AI and same-day ACH are meeting the need for speed.

The capacity to stay on top of industry trends and cutting-edge tools will be crucial to financial institutions of the future, and events like DX18 can be the best way to stay on top of competitors’ strategies.

“This, to me, is the battleground when I’m talking about the digital revolution, the digital human , the digital bank,” financial commentator and author Chris Skinner recently told Salesforce. “If you do not get cognitive, predictive, proactive, custom analytics that give the customer (a) far more informed view about their financial affairs, you will not be the partner for that customer in their financial future.

“How do (banks of the future) make money? The answer is, by being the most intimate provider of service to the customer based on that digital footprint, and by being able to really leverage our understanding of the customer’s financial lifestyle far better than any other player.”

Register now for Deluxe Exchange 2018 at www.deluxeexchange.com.

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