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Exploring acquisition trends in banking

Recently, we noticed a trend of credit unions purchasing community banks and were curious about why this was happening. Research from Filene Research Institute confirmed the trend and shared insights about why credit unions are doing this, if we should expect to see more, and if community banks should consider looking at acquiring credit unions….

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Re-engaging the unengaged customer

Are your customers engaged? It’s a question many in the financial industry are asking themselves lately. In the age of fintech disruption, it’s more important than ever for financial institutions to reach out to customers, to make them feel valued, and to give them reasons to give you more of their wallet. It’s an opportunity…

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The Gumshoe CFO: Before You Forecast, Do Some Sleuthing

Building an accurate forecast relies heavily on your historical data. But it’s the hands-on business knowledge you apply to the forecast that helps make it a more predictive and actionable roadmap for your institution. Before you start your forecasting process, take the time to gather updated information. For example, you should: Consider future business decisions…

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