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How Check-Savvy Are You? Basics to Keep in Mind

“Dear Gen Z, the small, rectangular piece of paper your parents are writing on and putting in an envelope is called a check.” Tongue-in-cheek? Yes and no. Many in this new generation, and in some respects, millennials, too, have never written a check. With many retailers no longer accepting checks as payment, digital payments now…

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The Future of the Branch: They Still Play a Vital Role in Your CX

If you spend time reading trade publications like I do, you’ll see a lot of articles declaring the death of things … direct mail, community banking, debit rewards, and even checks (how dare they!) One that I see quite frequently though is the death of the bank branch. I think this declaration is a little…

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7 Benefits of Online Check Shopping Implementation

Is your customer able to order checks online? Are your customers able to easily locate and place an order on your mobile site? If your answer to either of those questions is no, you might want to spend some time looking at this experience from your customers perspective. It might seem like a bit of…

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Checks Haven’t Checked Out. They’ve Evolved

When debit cards hit the streets in the ’90s, the mighty check saw its role in financial transactions diminish. Fewer and fewer retail outlets take checks these days, but they haven’t completely checked out, not by a long shot. They’ve just evolved and the latest data from the Federal Reserve might have some surprising results…

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Online Check Ordering: Where Consumers and FIs Find Common Ground

No matter how much they need each other — and they do — financial institutions and their account holders aren’t always on the same page. When it comes to buying products and services, today’s consumer is looking for a seamless experience and more and more often, an online experience. Unfortunately, when it comes to check…

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Tips to Optimize Your Consumer and Business Check Programs

What tricks is your financial institution using to optimize the profitability of its consumer and business check programs? If you’re smart, you’re building online capabilities into account offerings, allowing customers to pay bills, deposit and transfer funds, and monitor balances all without ever having to touch a single piece of paper. Online banking is dominating…

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Same-day or ‘Real-Time’? How the Changing Speed of ACH Payments Affects Financial Institutions

Just how feasible is the idea of “real-time” ACH payments? Might it be possible to one day create a system that moves funds as instantaneously as passing cash from hand to hand? Or will same-day transfer be the best we can do? And how will the evolution of same-day ACH payments affect the banking industry…

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