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They Lied! All Publicity Isn’t Good

Kitchen Nightmares, a British-turned-American show featuring famous chef, Gordon Ramsey, is known for its intense drama that often overtakes the purpose of the show. Usually by the end, the owner/chef realizes the error in their ways and they begin to partner with Chef Ramsey to restore their restaurant to greatness. Recently, Ramsey stopped by Scottsdale,…

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COPPA Chameleon

The chameleon is a unique and highly specialized lizard that has a unique ability to adapt to its environment by changing its color. One minute you see a brilliantly colored chameleon on a rock and the next moment it’s brown and difficult to see. On July 1, 2013, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)…

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Social Media Success Isn’t Just About Selling

There was a time when your local bank was the center of the world for many people. They went there regularly; the staff there knew their names and often a lot about their family, job, and other things. Times have changed and most banks and credit unions have struggled making the adjustment. As a result,…

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How one tweet changed the world…temporarily?

By now most of you have heard about what happened with the Associated Press and their Twitter account. For those of you that are unaware, the AP twitter account was hacked with a story about a bombing at the White House that supposedly left President Obama injured. As you can imagine the fallout from such…

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All content is not created equal

The Financial Brand recently released their 2013 “State of Marketing in Retail Banking” study in partnership with the Aite Group. There is a clear continuing shift to digital as Online advertising (71.7%) and Social Media (70.5%) dominated as the most important marketing channels for 2013. Make no mistake, your competition is on social media…but are…

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Social Media Needs Strategy Not Spontaneity

There are a lot of dissenting views on how financial institutions should engage in social media. On one hand, people are telling bank and credit union executives that they must be on social media or “your business will not survive!” Meanwhile, others are urging them to avoid social media at all costs because “it just…

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