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Detect, prevent and restore with identity theft protection services with Deluxe Provent® 

Deluxe offers a range of identity theft services designed to protect account holders and financial institutions alike from fraud attacks and account abuse. Optimize fee income with Deluxe Provent® – a fully configurable suite of fraud and identity theft protection products for account holders. Protect your financial institution from fraud with Deluxe Detect® — a comprehensive screen program to help you open healthier accounts. Identify risky customers and prospects with Deluxe ID Authentication – a secondary screening tool that uses real-time data to inform your decisions and help you scrutinize high-risk transactions. To learn more about Deluxe Provent®, download this article, 7 Considerations For Choosing An Award-Winning Identity Theft Protection Provider, contact us at  (866) 644-7879 or fill out the Contact Us Form below.

Bank & Credit Union Costs Associated With Fraud

It has been estimated by the American Bankers Association that the overall cost to a bank for replacing a debit card is $331 and $530 for a credit card reissued. But even worse, the personal information compromised in many of this year’s data breaches is comprehensive enough to result in stolen identities in addition to fraud.

Learn what the opportunities are for your bank or credit union when using Identity Theft Protection from Deluxe.


Identity theft protection is one enhancement consumers want

Optimize Fee Income
Optimize Fee Income

Add value to account holders with a revenue-generating service they expect from you: fraud protection.

Product Positioning
Product Positioning

Choose from many unique ways to position the product to account holders and prospects based on the results you’re looking to accomplish.

A Range of Offerings
A Range of Offerings

Offer your choice among our range of proven, turnkey detection, prevention and restoration services.

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