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No matter how checking evolves, we’ll be there with the best.

For more than 100 years, Deluxe has been a trusted partner to the financial services industry, investing in our clients’ growth. From our roots in checks to our best-in-class FinTech solutions, our goal is to help you succeed through the changing financial services landscape. As checks continue to evolve, we’ll be there with relevant solutions to help you establish the core client relationship and position you for growth.

Evolving Check Industry Landscape

2016 Federal Reserve survey shows smallest decline in check volume in 12 years

Volume Decreased

4.4% to 17.3B

Value Decreased

.5% to $26.8T

Average Check Increased

13.8% to $1,410

Check & Fraud Solutions

Consumer Check Program
Consumer Check Program

Convenience for account holders; profit potential for you. Learn More ►

Business Check<br>Program
Business Check

Grow stronger small business relationships. Learn More ►

Fraud Protection and Restoration
Fraud Protection and Restoration

Identity theft protection that delivers value and income. Learn More ►

Understanding the Value of Checks

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