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The Resolve to Lead

We’re a $2.0 billion company committed to the leadership, insight, and expertise required to solve challenges that matter. And we recognize that solving those challenges is best done in trusted partnerships, not transactions.

Data security and privacy

We’ve taken a leadership role in the development of protocols for privacy, risk, compliance, and managing sensitive data.

Industry advancement

We deliberately and strategically analyze our clients’ markets then provide the thought leadership, analyst research, market insights, and peer benchmarking they need to succeed.

Higher ideals

Our employees commit over 100,000 hours a year to community service.



Stable and sound, with 8 consecutive years of revenue and profit growth


Preferred partner to 180 of the top 200 financial institutions


A greater than 95% client retention rate


Processing more than $600 billion in payments annually

Invention and Acquisition

At Deluxe Financial Services, we have our eyes on the future. We’re constantly creating new solutions to help you drive next-level results. But we don’t stop there. We conduct rigorous due diligence on hundreds of companies to identify and evaluate FinTech solutions that add to our capabilities and solve important client problems. In recent years, we’ve invested over $700 million to acquire and integrate best-in-class technologies you can build on.

2011Banker's Dashboard
2013Action MarketingQ3
2013Destination RewardsQ4
2015Wausau Financial SystemsQ4
2015FISC Financial SolutionsQ4
2016FMCG DirectQ4

Our Values

Our values are part of our strength, and we bring them to work every day. We cultivate a growth mindset in our organization — one that fosters optimism, an enthusiastic approach to opportunities that arise, and a willingness to push our comfort zone when it’s in the best interests of our clients.

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