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Improve customer activation and engagement while providing valued assistance to new customers looking to switch banks.

Painlessly transfer consumers pre-authorized transactions.

The challenge of changing banks

Your account holders find switching financial institutions difficult. When asked how it feels, they responded, “Painful.” “Hassle.” “Stressful.” “Very complicated.” “Annoying.”

Consumers give up without help

According to a recent survey from Money/CNN, 53% of customers give up switching banks because the process is too difficult. Don’t let the money you spend on acquiring new accounts go to waste. With SwitchAgent, your company can break down the barriers that prevent people from switching institutions. You can relieve customers of the most tedious tasks, like switching automatic payments, and make changing easy and pain-free for everyone.

Increase activation rates by up to 50%

Within the first 90 days after opening an account, 25-35% go inactive. SwitchAgent has a direct, positive impact on those potentially lost accounts. In fact, at one financial institution, customers using SwitchAgent had a 94% increase in transaction activity.

Boost your numbers

SwitchAgent can boost your numbers in multiple ways:

  • Acquisition: Makes moving easier and attracts more high-value accounts.
  • Average Daily Balance: Increases average daily balances by 60% or more.
  • Onboarding: Decreases the average switch cycle time to only 30 days.
  • Retention: Improves account retention rate by up to 80%.
  • Anchoring: Increases transaction activity by up to 94%.

Benefits of SwitchAgent

When you choose SwitchAgent, you can rest easy knowing we provide:

  • Complete peace of mind: Deluxe keeps the account transfer process safe and secure.
  • An easy process: Once the new account holder signs the authorization form and completes the interview, Deluxe manages the rest.
  • Faster access to accounts: Your customers can use their new accounts sooner, which helps build the foundation of long-term loyalty and profitability.
  • A competitive advantage: Offering SwitchAgent is an instant selling point to potential new account holders.

Start activating more accounts.

Contact us to learn how SwitchAgent can help to onboard and anchor your new customers.

Contact us to learn how SwitchAgent can help to onboard and anchor your new customers.

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