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Deluxe Marketing Services

Backed by a decade of experience working with key financial data, we create strategic, multi-channel marketing solutions that intelligently acquire, grow, and retain the best accounts.

Generate better, more profitable account holders.


Deluxe Marketing Services helps you intelligently select, grow, and retain account holders by pinpointing prospects at key lifecycle stages. These methods ensure that your offer gets into the most qualified hands. Here’s how…

With Deluxe Marketing Services, you can intelligently target, grow, and retain households by pinpointing prospects at key lifecycle stages. We empower our customers with proven and customized strategies that are driven by intelligent data modeling to:

Intelligently select and acquire new account holders

Deluxe Marketing Services uses proprietary, predictive analytics to select targets. These methods focus your marketing efforts and they offer you an opportunity to increase your Return on Investment (ROI). Our services also help you choose the best channels, both online and offline, for marketing to prospects. So, you can engage with your prospects in the best way, at the best time, through the best channel.

Engage and grow your new account holders 

Acquiring new accounts is not easy, and retaining them is even more difficult. In fact, research from Gallup shows that engaged account holders at banks and credit unions feel their FI does not properly market to them. Deluxe Marketing Services shows you the best cross-selling opportunities to increase loyaltyand improve your account holder relationships.

Retain your valued account holders

To protect the relationships you’ve invested in, you must understand the activity of your account base. Deluxe Marketing Services can build a proactive engagement strategy to reduce attrition risk. Identify key drivers of loyalty and advocacy at your financial institution using the financial industry’s most robust retention program.

Start improving your marketing results and ROI right away.


Most financial institutions lack a repeatable, efficient, and effective program to acquire profitable new accounts. As a result, they overspend time, effort, and money. Deluxe Marketing Services offers integrated analytics that help you find the prospects most likely to respond to your offer so you maximize your budget and your success.

Reach accounts earlier and more effectively

The first 120 days of a customer relationship are critical. Deluxe Marketing Services can help you gain the highest return on your acquisition strategy with an emphasis on activating your customers by presenting the most relevant offers in a multi-touch campaign to them according to their specific needs.

Let us help you build valuable relationships with your customers to promote customer loyalty and engagement — a win for both you and your customers.

Why Deluxe is different 

Deluxe Marketing Services offers a full-service selection of turnkey, multi-channel marketing programs designed to acquire new checking households. These channels include direct mail, pURLs, SEM, email, teleservices, and surveys. Our programs maximize efficiency and are proven to increase performance over control groups.

Our Lending Program will help uncover those in the market for an auto loan and then target them with a strategic messaging plan. You’ll be equipped to make a competitive offer to the consumer without ever speaking to them.

New movers are three times more likely to switch financial institutions; our New Mover program allows you to welcome them to the neighborhood. We’ll help you reach out to new mover’s weeks before your competition with a highly personalized message.

“Deluxe manages our acquisition program like a well-oiled machine. Under Deluxe’s direction, we bring in five times more accounts than we would without their expertise.”

— Director of Marketing and Sales, mid-size credit union in eastern U.S.

Asset Size: $1.4 billion

Data-based results

We don’t take credit for what would have happened — only for what we make happen. That’s why we always measure the response lift over a control group, so we see what effectively attracted new account holders.

Start improving your marketing results and ROI right away.


The first 120 days of a new banking relationship are crucial. While 66% of new accounts left alone never cross-sell, our new account holders are 225% more profitable than other accounts [Deluxe].

Attrition modeling

The more products you cross-sell to your new account holders, the more likely they are to stay with your financial institution. Our analysis of your historical attrition behaviors identify which products increase account-life and by how much.

Product purchase sequencing

Deluxe Marketing Services analyzes the historical behavior patterns of your account holders to create a customized onboarding plan for your financial institution. We can tell you when to offer what product. Then we use welcome letters, personalized URLs, welcome emails, activation and engagement mail, and product offer mailings to drive your new account holders into action.

“Deluxe executes a multi-touch process that escalates the value of new relationships over a 180-day period. They use modeling to identify the right offers, and they track key metrics at every touch point.”

— SVP, Product Management, First Commonwealth Bank

Asset Size: $6.2 Billion, Branches: 107

Edge over other programs

Other cross-sell programs are so complex they can’t be successfully deployed and results can’t be measured. Deluxe Marketing Services uses a simplified matrix that’s effective and easy to set-up. The program produces easily-understood reports that show the profitability of results.

The result is a 41.6 percent increase in products sold and a 2.3 year increase in tenure over the competition.


When you deepen household banking relationships, it directly affects profitability and retention. Meaningful analysis of your data combined with our professional consultation gives you insight into the financial circumstances of each account holder.

Deluxe Marketing Services offers strategic advice based on real consumer behaviors and actions so you can respond to each account holder’s need with the most appropriate product offer.

Account holder evaluations

We offer the industry-leading Voice of the Customer program that creates timely, statistically valid account evaluations. Voice of the Customer measures the detailed employee performance and account satisfaction of your account holders.

These evaluations identify key drivers and compare results to peer benchmarks. This allows Deluxe Marketing Services to create a customized, actionable strategy that delivers customized insights on our secure, web-based portal.

“Deluxe’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ research gives us a clear picture of the attitudes and behaviors that are impacting our bottom line.”

— Executive Vice President, Astoria Federal Savings

Asset Size: $15.7 Billion, Branches: 85

More products means less attrition

Deluxe Marketing Services uses analytics to select those prospects that are entering the market for loans and other products. The more products your account holders possess, the more likely they are to stick around.

Our Auto Lending program will locate existing account holders who have auto loans with competing financial institutions. We will tailor an offer that drives response and creates a cross-sell opportunity. Meanwhile, we can alert you as soon as account holders begin shopping with your competition with our In the Market Alert program so you can target these active shoppers before it’s too late.

Use analytics to drive improvement

Deluxe Marketing Services delivers full program analytics to help predict loyalty and discover key satisfaction drivers. Reviews are scheduled quarterly and annually.

Contact us to learn about how Deluxe can help your financial institution target the profitable customers and then successfully onboard and retain them.

Contact us to learn about how Deluxe can help your financial institution target the profitable customers and then successfully onboard and retain them.

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