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Consumer Check Program

Generate higher revenues and improve your account holders’ experience while offering the popular designs and features your customers have come to expect from Deluxe.

Protect account holders while you generate increased revenues.

Checks are a viable payment option

While checks are declining as a primary form of payment, a recent report from Javelin shows that 89 percent of consumers still use them to pay their rent, taxes, bills, and for donations. The 2013 Fed Payment Study revealed 21 billion checks were written in 2012. Here at Deluxe, we print an average of 350 million checks each month, proving that the check industry is still alive and thriving.

Best-in-class commitment

Deluxe is dedicated to helping you provide your account holders with the best check experience. That’s why we continue to innovate within our check program to ensure our customers get an industry-leading product at a reasonable price. Over the past few years, check fraud has accounted for about 46 percent of all fraudulent transactions where checks are accepted. The magnitude of the issue prompted Deluxe to take proactive steps to maintain the integrity of the check as a payment vehicle by reducing the impact of fraud on checks.

Mobile is vital

As mobile banking becomes more prevalent in our everyday lives, this growing channel cannot be ignored. In fact, ABA Bank Marketing reports that 30 percent of consumers now factor mobile solutions into choosing their primary financial institution. Deluxe has made it possible for your clients to seamlessly access and use OrderPoint to order checks from your financial institution on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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Stronger revenues

Our service not only improves efficiency, it also has the ability to increase revenue – as much as 35 percent. With Deluxe, you can take advantage of our unique cross-selling capabilities, based on customer ordering data that reveals buying patterns and likelihood to purchase other products. These capabilities help to increase order values as well as customer satisfaction.

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“We are very happy with the service, and looking at the in-depth reports has been insightful. Our Deluxe representative is willing to visit the affiliates and show them their numbers. We’re finding things we didn’t know about, such as waived check orders.

– Janelda Mitchell, Corporate Marketing Director, Farmers Capital Bank Corporation

Asset Size: $1.8 billion

Simple is better

As one way to help you and all our financial customers, Deluxe has created a simple and convenient user experience. To accomplish that, we provide three quick ways for customers to order:

  • Your website, integrated with Deluxe
  • Deluxe.com/checks
  • Toll-free phone ordering directly through Deluxe associates and an automated voice response system

Unleash new profits from this convenient form of payment.

Fraud affects relationships

The ACI Worldwide Global Fraud Report reveals that 65 percent of consumers consider themselves actively concerned about check fraud. If that wasn’t alarming enough, research from Javelin reveals that consumers hold their financial institution responsible for proactively protecting them from fraud.

More troubling is that the Department of Finance at Maastricht University in The Netherlands reported that a survey of account holders who were impacted by fraud scored significantly lower in their trust and satisfaction with their financial institution. They also scored significantly lower in their willingness to stay with their bank or credit union.

Be proactive to prevent attrition

The report from Maastricht University revealed that if consumers discover an act of fraud on their own, 15 percent of fraud victims are likely to switch financial institutions, however, if the bank tells them of the breach and takes steps to communicate with customers, only 5 percent will leave.

What Deluxe is doing to help

Deluxe added high security features to its most popular products. These designs include prominent fraud deterrence features such as heat reactive ink, a security square that prevents copying, and personalized microprint.

These new features will help:

  • Prevent the account holder dissatisfaction that develops when fraud occurs.
  • Minimize the expense associated with check fraud losses ($648 million in 2012).
  • Enhance the relationships financial institutions have with their account holders.

This is the first major change to the check in over 10 years; fraudsters continue to up their game and as stewards of the payments industry, Deluxe will continue to do the same to set the standard for this industry.

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Learn more about check fraud

Deluxe has put together a series of resources entitled The State of Fraud in Retail Banking. The resources include a video, an infographic, and an article discussing the impacts of fraud on consumer relationships with banks. We also share strategies banks and credit unions should be looking at to preserve and protect these relationships.

Unleash new profits from this convenient form of payment.

Contact us to discuss bringing a Deluxe® check program to your financial institution or to learn about Deluxe’s enhanced OrderPoint website.

Contact us to discuss bringing a Deluxe® check program to your financial institution or to learn about Deluxe’s enhanced OrderPoint website.

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