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Banker’s Dashboard

A web- and mobile- enabled tool that provides actionable insights into your bank’s financial performance. Banker’s Dashboard® makes financial analysis fast and simple.

Anytime, anywhere access to your bank’s financial performance.

Banker’s Dashboard is a powerful web-based tool with companion iPad® app that helps financial institution leaders collaborate and share accountability for financial results. With just a few clicks, your team – from branch managers to board members – can simultaneously view your latest financial data.

Save time and money

Fifty-nine percent of bank CEOs listed “streamline workflow for more efficiency” as a top efficiency and cost saving priority in 2014 [Abound Resources]. With our automated performance analysis and reporting, you can quickly and easily monitor net-interest margin, create an institution or branch level financial forecast, and create board packages, giving your team more time to focus on other important projects.

Daily financial management

Banker’s Dashboard allows you to easily review your bank performance at a glance on a daily basis, giving you the flexibility to immediately act on profit opportunities. Bring focus to areas with significant changes and eliminate month-end surprises.

Stop crunching and start analyzing

Leave the number crunching to us. With Banker’s Dashboard you can focus on developing better strategies and tactics to control net interest margin, branch performance, loan officer performance and more. You will also be able to solve problems in a quick and timely manner and keep a constant eye on bank performance against budget.

Quick access for bankers on the move

Whether in the office or on the go, Banker’s Dashboard allows you and your team to closely monitor and manage the metrics tied to your bank’s financial goals. With up-to-date performance data always at your fingertips, you may never miss a profit opportunity again.  Drilling down to the data you need to make decisions is a simple as a click, tap, or swipe.

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Set it up

Banker’s Dashboard is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that allows your institution to be up and running in as little as 72 hours with little to no involvement needed from your IT resources. We host the solution in our secure data center, and it’s already integrated seamlessly with virtually every core processor. Users can access it securely 24/7 from any web browser or with the companion iPad app ensuring you never miss an opportunity for improvement at your financial institution.

“Some days I may only have time to look at summary issues on the Dashboard, other days I want a more in-depth look at the information it provides. Banker’s Dashboard is really flexible, it allows me to do both of those things…”

— George Fletcher, Chief Executive Officer, Farmers & Traders Bank

Asset Size: $46 million

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How it works

Banker’s Dashboard packages daily insights for your entire financial institution in simple, interactive reports. The data is available in a dashboard customized for each user without exporting, downloading, or consolidating spreadsheets.


Your profit center level core system data is consolidated daily to provide you with highly focused insight into your financials, enabling you to make timely decisions that improve your bottom line. Take advantage of profit opportunities as they arise, monitor activity at the branch officer level, and compare actual performance to forecasts, budgets and peer institutions.


Banker’s Dashboard provides a myriad of tools to drive performance, including:

  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Margin management
  • Branch performance and ranking
  • Asset liability management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Board reporting
  • Loan pricing
  • Officer and branch production
  • And more

“Our CSRs are using Banker’s Dashboard to help identify money we’ve left on the table. We are finding consumers who should be moving their money to places that are better for them — and for us. Even when we only find nickels and dimes, we know this adds up to significant dollars across the organization.”

— Marnie Herrmann, EVP Marketing, Security First South Dakota

Asset Size: $865 million


Monitor bank performance

Analyze your bank’s financial performance and trends in minutes, every day. Banker’s Dashboard automates number crunching and reporting, which eliminates errors while saving you time for more important things, like running your financial institution. One bank realized an annual efficiency savings of more than $100K just from redirecting its finance department to important tasks rather than crunching data and compiling financial information. The tool will allow you to:

  • Track your bank’s daily performance down to the GL account level and compare to historical data, budget and forecast.
  • Monitor assets and liabilities at the branch level.
  • Create three-year strategic plans and financial projections for annual budgeting.
  • Measure actual performance by monitoring daily liquidity and capital positions.
  • Quickly determine if proposed loans will meet the financial targets of the bank.

“We all have more confidence in the accuracy of the numbers. For example, we have a few accountants on the board and they have more confidence because they can actually see the evidence behind the numbers. Also, the numbers come directly from source data, which means there’s no risk of re-keying or calculation errors.”

— Tammy Blawat, Chief Financial Officer, Border State Bank

Asset Size: $351 million

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Efficient forecasting & budgeting

Quickly run and revise multiple forecast scenarios—so your time is spent analyzing variances and alternative strategies, rather than crunching numbers:

  • Creates easy-to-use templates, wizards and automated “smart fill” features. Make fast work of budgeting and forecasting tasks.
  • Provides real-time information. Budget and forecast numbers are immediately available within any of your reports.
  • Encourages branch accountability. Branch employees can build budgets, track measurements, and assume ownership of the results.
  • Delivers budgeting flexibility. Banker’s Dashboard can support any type of budgeting process you engage in, top-down or bottom-up.

Measure and compare branch performance

Banker’s Dashboard delivers detailed measurements for each of your locations and ranks your branches according to their performance. You’ll be able to see how each one compares in an individual area, region, or bank-wide. With this intelligence, you can focus on what your high-performing branches are doing well so you can identify coaching opportunities, institute best practices, and hold branches accountable for improving their results.

By measuring and comparing how each branch performs – and holding each branch accountable for better results – you will improve bank-wide performance.

Schedule your 45-minute test drive today.

Contact us to learn how Banker’s Dashboard® eliminates number crunching allowing you to focus on making smart, timely decisions that impact your net interest margin and branch performance.

Contact us to learn how Banker’s Dashboard® eliminates number crunching allowing you to focus on making smart, timely decisions that impact your net interest margin and branch performance.

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