Predictive Analytics: Path to Competitive Differentiation [Webinar]

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Deluxe Marketing Solutions

Financial organizations sit on some of the best data of any industry. Using it wisely is a game-changing opportunity for financial marketers. According to a recent white paper published by the Aite Group, predictive analytics can turn your data into powerful insights that can help you reshape your marketing models and enhance your campaigns. It can also have a positive impact on all your other marketing objectives:

  • Amplifying your competitive differentiation
  • Identifying audience segments, and speaking directly to their needs
  • Cross-selling existing customers and acquiring new ones
  • Adopting digital channels, from display advertising and search engine marketing to email marketing and social media.
  • Strengthening your firm’s image as a valuable partner

Our presenters covered the many advances and trends in predictive analytics tools and capabilities – all tailored for financial marketing professionals at regional and national banks and credit unions. Take advantage of this true competitive advantage and a game-changing opportunity.