Standing Out Against Tough Competition [Webinar]

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Deluxe Strategic Sourcing

Competition and banking often go hand-in-hand. Yet today, big banks are chasing—and getting—more of the deals that have historically “belonged” to community banks and credit unions. Technology is driving the disruption. While many smaller banks still use the same processes they’ve had for years, big banks have quickly adapted to the changes necessary to outperform the competition with quicker approvals, faster funding, and less hassle and paperwork.In this webinar, L.T. “Tom” Hall from Resurgent Performance, John Hubbert formerly from American Bank of Texas, and Cindy Lambert from Deluxe share key areas to streamline for the greatest performance boost, including:

  • Improving the quality and productivity of your workflow
  • Establishing metrics and service level standards that lead to higher performance
  • Aligning staff and management to an elevated performance expectation