Seven Reasons to Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets [White Paper]

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White Paper
Banker's Dashboard

Three decades ago, finance bid adieux to ledger books. This was the first step in the evolution of financial planning and reporting. It did not take long for CFOs, controllers, and bookkeepers to get used to the idea of creating a formula and letting the spreadsheet program do all the calculating. Eventually, finance departments wanted more features and functionalities… some of which Excel and other software programs could not provide. Enter the cloud-based systems of today which connect directly to your core processor eliminating data errors and the time it takes to extract and dissect the information you need.

This white paper shares seven important benefits you can use to build your case to make the shift from Excel to a cloud-based performance management system like Banker’s Dashboard:
1. Make decisions based on data, rather than gut feel
2. Be proactive in your risk management
3. Integrate financials from newly acquired banks
4. Act on revenue opportunities as they occur
5. Take out unnecessary costs
6. Improve performance visibility
7. Earn and sustain credibility

Hear it from your peers! Join us for an on demand webinar called “Stop Settling: Seven Reasons to Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets,” and hear from Kevin Horn, CEO of Farmers & Merchants Bank of Ashland as he shares seven ways a performance management system benefited his community bank.