Stop Settling: Seven Reasons to Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets [Webinar]

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Banker's Dashboard

Spreadsheets are like the morning paper. The information filling the columns is stale. These days, most people would rather be online looking at what’s happening now and thinking about what is expected to happen next. This is how you should be managing the performance of your financial institution. (But that’s not news to you!)  Now is the time to tap your internal technology evangelist and sell the idea internally.

During this discussion-style webinar, you’ll hear the seven most persuasive points your peers, have made when making their case for a subscription-based system at their institution. Join Kevin Horn, CEO of Farmers & Merchants Bank of Ashland, and Amiee Ball, former community banker, as they share stories and information how bank and credit union executives use their performance management systems to identify profit opportunities, budget and forecast more efficiently, find errors, and manage costs.

If this topic is interesting, download our latest white paper, Seven Reasons to Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets, or reach out to our Banker’s Dashboard team.