Leveraging Engagement to Maximize Cross-Selling Opportunities [Report]

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Deluxe Marketing Solutions

Financial institutions invest a lot of time, money and effort in acquiring new account holders. To be successful, cross-selling needs to occur after a relationship has been cemented and enriched by an effective onboarding program. Having the right environment in place, however, still isn’t enough. FIs need to carefully target their cross-selling efforts to ensure they’re talking to the right consumers about relevant products and services, and communicating through preferred channels.

This report, Leveraging Engagement to Maximize Cross-Selling Opportunities: Generate new income and deepen existing relationships, was conducted on behalf of Deluxe by Digital Scientists. The company polled more than 1,000 consumers that held checking accounts with a bank or credit union and participated in household finances more that ranged in age from 18 to 54 through online interviews to come to the conclusions in this report.