Lending Strategies to Help Banks Thrive in a Rising-Rate Environment [White Paper]

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White Paper
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With rates on the rise, bankers need to seek new strategies because the lending landscape is shifting.

Refinancing was strong when the rates were low. But now that the rates are creeping up, home prices are approaching (or have reached in some cases) pre-recession levels in some parts of the country. What that means is, homeowners have their equity back. They’re not looking for a refi. They’re looking to use that equity for home improvements or debt consolidation … but you have to know how to find them!

Big data is redefining virtually every aspect of the banking industry, lending opportunities included. Data analytics helps you to locate and target the right people for offers for financial products by picking up on signals based on their behavior, life events, and even passive data alone. Banks can use this data to identify consumers with a low rate who might be in the market for a second mortgage or personal loan, identify renters who might be in the market to buy a house, or target homeowners who are paying off their mortgages.

In this changing lending landscape, Deluxe has you covered. For more information about using data generated by behavioral-based, event-based, or passive signals, download this whitepaper, Lending Strategies to Help Banks Thrive in a Rising-Rate Environment.