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Key Marketing Trends for 2016: Digital Strategies That Help Marketers Win [Webinar]

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According to eMarketer, digital spending in the U.S. financial industry will increase to over $12 billion annually by 2020.

As digital advertising continues to grow in both popularity and necessity, do you wonder how much of your budget should be allocated to digital marketing to achieve your organizational goals?

We provide industry guidance on that question and more during our webinar hosted by Jim Marous, owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report and publisher of Retail Banking Strategies for The Financial Brand.

Jim and his co-presenter, John Keith of Datamyx, provide an in-depth look at the key findings from the 2016 Financial Marketing Trends Report, including:

  • The top 10 marketing trends, including insight-driven marketing, ROI, and increased personalization
  • The impact of digital, including mobile, on both the customer experience and marketing
  • Strategic ways to allocate your digital marketing budget to meet organizational goals
  • How to use attribution to assess and optimize digital marketing effectiveness

As the trend toward the use of digital channels and the need for personalization continues, Deluxe Marketing Services can help you target your multi-channel campaigns to reach only to the customers you want to connect with.

Jim Marous
Owner and Publisher of the Digital Banking Report and Publisher of Retail Banking Strategies for The Financial Brand

John Keith
Datamyx Director Business Development