The Digital Shift: Improving the Customer Experience in Banking [Webinar]

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Deluxe Marketing Solutions

There’s no silver bullet to ensure customer loyalty. Customers expect banks to simplify engagement and make their lives easier in exchange for their business—and if you can’t deliver, they’ll find someone who can. In fact, a new report states that 71% of customers will end the relationship after a poor experience. However, according to the Digital Banking Report’s 85-page report, “Improving the Customer Experience in Banking,” digital channels are key to facilitating the type of positive customer experiences that will drive referrals and encourage consolidation with a single financial services provider.

During the webinar, we’ll help you identify strategies that will make a big impact on your customers, including:

  • Implementing a data-driven, process-oriented approach to improve your customer satisfaction score
  • Identifying tactics to help you compete for a new generation of connected customers
  • Revamping your CX initiatives for greater share of wallet, better efficiency and improved retention