Differentiate with Data: How banks can use data to maximize touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle [Article]

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Deluxe Marketing Solutions

Bankers have historically struggled with taking their traditional sales and marketing campaigns into new channels. With vast amounts of data at their fingertips, audience profiling has moved to new levels of sophistication and with the right partners, targeting the most attractive prospects in every channel with a consistent message is the key to driving real results.

Deluxe recently partnered with Banking Exchange for an industry roundtable discussion to share insights into how financial institutions can overcome obstacles to using data and employ strategies to leverage the data they have.

The roundtable brought together bankers, analysts, and the unique perspective from a major retailer on the topic, Differentiate with Data: How banks can use data to maximize touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. The discussion covered how banks and credit unions are going to market and how they measure the success of the overall campaign across all channels, including:

  • How can financial institutions reach consumers or small business customers at the right moment in time?
  • How are retailers and other industries evolving customer touchpoints with data and analytics?
  • How do financial institutions gain coordinated access to account behavioral and transactional data?
  • Do financial institutions have the right systems in place to do this?
  • How can better data aid inclusiveness?

The participants: Scott Moore, M32 Partners, and former CMO of Best Buy Mobile; Drew McMonigle, head of product development and product marketing, NBH Bank, Kansas City, Mo.; Kesna Lawrence, Chief Data Scientist at Deluxe; Rob Cook, VP, Retail Marketing, BMO Harris Bank, Chicago; Bob Meara, senior analyst, Celent. Banking Exchange Editor & Publisher Bill Streeter moderated the discussion.

Read the full roundtable published in the December/January issue.