Increase your bottom line with smart digital tools

Every business wants to increase their profitability. The most successful companies attack this goal from all angles. Operationally, you need to effectively monitor and cut costs. For sales and marketing, you need to find ways to attract new customers and then find ways to engage and retain them. Our digital engagement tools can help you in your efforts to increase profitability.

Digital Engagement Solutions

Our onboarding and loyalty tools deliver a real return on your investment in critical areas of your customer’s lifecycle.

Deluxe Rewards

Motivate and anchor more of your account holders with a benefits program that inspires engagement, drives desired behaviors and creates longer, more profitable relationships.


Account Switching Programs

Switching accounts is easy with SwitchAgent, an online, self-service tool that offers your account holders an automated, digital experience and you with opportunities to onboard and cross-sell much faster.


Why Deluxe digital tools?

Get results no matter what your goals are.


21% of customers stay with their current institution because it’s difficult to switch.


The top 100 institutions experience a 25-40% attrition rate.


90% of your bottom line is driven by the net-interest margin.


Choosing the right consumables can save you 22-28% on daily expenses.

Deluxe operations solutions

Deluxe offers the following solutions to help you gain real-time access to the information you need to plan,
forecast and profit from what you learn, as well as to harness the buying power of a single-source supplier.

Banker’s Dashboard
Banker’s Dashboard

Anytime, anywhere access to your bank’s financial performance. View Solution >

Credit Union Dashboard
Credit Union Dashboard

Anytime, anywhere access to your credit union’s financial performance. View Solution >

Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Sourcing

All the supplies you need to operate efficiently — at significant savings. View Solution >

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