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Valuable Lessons from the Best Bank Brands on Social Media

Every quarter, The Financial Brand publishes an updated ranking of the top 100 best-performing banks and credit unions on social media. The Power 100 rankings for Q1 2017 are in, and if you made the list — congratulations! Ranking is an indication that your financial institution is making smart use of social media channels to communicate your brand’s…

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Customer Focus is the Key to a Successful, Ethical Sales Culture

Two million bogus accounts, 5,300 fired employees, over half a million faked credit card applications, $185 million in fines from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a $5 million restitution tab, a CEO resignation and projected business losses that total in the hundreds of billions of dollars for years to come — a scandal the scope…

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The Economics of Trickle Down Compliance

In September 2008, the United States was experiencing not only the roll up to a Presidential election but experienced an economic crash now described as The Great Recession, or the Financial Crisis. Media headlines focused on the greed of Wall Street, and the excesses of the big banks that were too big to fail. The…

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Are Credit Cards Making a Comeback?

The bold headline above an article in the September 9, 2014 issue of The Wall Street Journal caught my attention. I hadn’t thought much about the ubiquitous bank-issued credit card for a very long time although I use my USAA-issued card every month.  It’s a plain-vanilla card which is perfect for my needs. As far…

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Will Your Bank or Credit Union Match this High Rate?

The Federal Reserve’s “war on savers” continues unabated with no end in sight.  It’s painful to see the laughingly small amount of interest earned on checking and savings balances each time it’s posted to our accounts. The unsaid message being delivered is “only fools save their money today when it should be spent to help…

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A Most Unusual Offer From a Bank

Finally, I came across a very unusual offer that truly differentiates this bank from its competitors…at least for the duration of the offer. Perhaps because of the target audience, it appears in a full-page magazine ad, not the local newspaper where it would get much broader exposure. The magazine in question, headquartered in Sacramento, California,…

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Surrendering Market Share to More Non-Bank Competitors

In their ongoing desire to target more affluent customers the nation’s thousands of community banks and credit unions appear to be fighting over a diminishing piece of the consumer pie. In fact, it’s the tiny sliver of pie left them by the nation’s four mega-banks. Perhaps senior management at these financial institutions are choosing to…

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