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Is the Financial Services Industry Ignoring Gen X?

By Robyn Kaiserman Gen X has been undeserved by the financial services industry, overshadowed by the retirement planning needs of Baby Boomers and the long-term potential of the Millennials. But Gen X has financial needs, too, and many have enough resources to be of real interest to the industry. There is plenty of opportunity for financial…

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The Practical Futurist (no, that’s not an oxymoron…)

I’ll admit I entered Sheryl Connelly’s keynote session at the NACHA Payments conference with a healthy dose of skepticism. I’m usually underwhelmed by futurists- I generally find them to be skilled public speakers espousing notions too high level for practical application. Connelly is a refreshing exception. As Chief Futurist (they employ more than one?) for…

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Beyond the Trends: What’s Really on the Horizon for Banks in 2016 and Beyond

As the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look at what’s on the horizon for the rest of the year. The financial services pros at Mintel Compremedia, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, recently published their Financial Services Marketing Trends for 2016. I really enjoyed learning more about what the experts at…

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Thought Leaders Clue Us In To Financial Services Trends To Watch In 2016

The rise of digital payment methods, crowd-funding, regulatory changes, the Millennial influence — many factors continue to shape the financial services industry. 2015 has been a year of change, and you might look back and wonder where the industry could possibly be heading next. Deluxe asked thought leaders in financial services to predict the trends…

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Will the European Trend of CFO to CEO Travel Across the Pond?

For those of us who make our livelihood in the banking industry, trend-following is a must. While America is, inarguably, a major influencer of the global economy, trends can emerge overseas that have ramifications for the domestic banking industry. I have to wonder what the import might be for the recent European trend of CFOs…

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8 FinTech Leaders You Need to Follow

It’s possible you’re not entirely sure what it means when someone in your bank’s IT or marketing department refers to “FinTech,” but you almost certainly make use of it. FinTech is a combination of Financial and Technology and has become ubiquitous for any technology applied to financial services, it’s the technology financial institutions use to…

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How Low Can You Go: Tips for improving your efficiency ratio

Jun 12th | 2 pm EST 59% of Community and Small Regional Bank CEOs are focused on Lowering the Efficiency Ratio. Shouldn’t it be 100%? After all, the efficiency gap between you and the large banks is widening at an alarming rate. Although you’ve cut costs, adopted technology, and tried your best to maximize income, average efficiency ratios…

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