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Sensibility, Insight, & Snark: What to Expect from DX15 Thought Leaders

It’s fair to say the impressive lineup of speakers slated to participate in Deluxe Exchange 2015 (DX15) is a diverse crew. We’ve got a numbers genius who’s making his mark in political commentary, a former FDIC chair, and a financial marketing guru who considers being called snarky a glowing compliment. What they have in common,…

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The Last Word on Money2020

Last year in their opening comments Money 2020’s founders proudly relayed that the event had been dubbed “the Woodstock of the payments industry.” This year they took the metaphor a bit too seriously, cramming 7,000 practitioners into an overtaxed conference center, causing grumbling among attendees shut out of sessions and even a visit from the…

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8 FinTech Leaders You Need to Follow

It’s possible you’re not entirely sure what it means when someone in your bank’s IT or marketing department refers to “FinTech,” but you almost certainly make use of it. FinTech is a combination of Financial and Technology and has become ubiquitous for any technology applied to financial services, it’s the technology financial institutions use to…

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