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Frictionless Payments? Be Careful What You Wish For!

For years, industry experts have talked about removing the “friction” from the payment process. It’s a fancy term for a simple concept: make it as easy as possible to buy stuff. No one wants to put any energy into paying; therefore, once the decision to purchase has been made, close the deal with as little…

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Aite: Discover the Future of Insurance Payments

April 7 | 2 pm EST | 1 pm CST  Webinar Details Today, customer payments collected from field offices and remote agents cause headaches in management and delays in deposits. There is a better way. Join Aite Senior Analyst Jamie Bisker as he addresses the current state of insurance payments and how technology can deliver cost savings,…

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Deluxe Exchange 2015 Day Two Recap

Deluxe Exchange was a huge hit in 2015,, you can read our day one recap here. Attendees left the absolutely stunning Phoenician Resort talking about how they were challenged to think a little differently about how they were doing things. The format for day two was a little different, but it kicked off in much the same way,…

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The Slow Payments Movement? Not So Fast…

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the Slow Food movement — a group that promotes local, wholesome food and “the pleasures of the table” as a counterbalance to fast food culture. The analogy is far from perfect, but I was reminded of this cause recently while listening to updates on the Fed’s Faster Payments initiative. The…

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Apple Pay: Can We All Take a Deep Breath?

Apple Pay is a full-fledged phenomenon. It has single-handedly changed the narrative around mobile wallets, brought NFC technology back from the brink, and elevated payments to Page One status in the business press for reasons other than data breaches. Whether out of excitement or terror, banks are finding workarounds to their usual protracted negotiation processes…

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#MyFirstPaycheck Exposes Importance of Security on Checks

Recent news out of Minnesota could easily make every banker’s short list of worst nightmares. Twenty-eight people, including a branch supervisor, were charged in a check-fraud scheme that raked in more than $2 million from 49 banks and credit unions, as well as many other check-cashing offices in Minnesota and five other states (possibly more),…

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The Last Word on Money2020

Last year in their opening comments Money 2020’s founders proudly relayed that the event had been dubbed “the Woodstock of the payments industry.” This year they took the metaphor a bit too seriously, cramming 7,000 practitioners into an overtaxed conference center, causing grumbling among attendees shut out of sessions and even a visit from the…

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