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What’s Next for Checks? A New Deluxe Webinar Offers Data-Driven Answers

It’s no secret that paper check volumes have been in steady decline in the US for the past two decades. Some have openly wondered whether remaining volumes will “fall off a cliff” sometime soon. Predictions of the death of the check are nothing new- in the early 2000s I worked for an electronic commerce company…

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Blockchain and Banks: What’s in Store for 2017 and Beyond

“Blockchain will do to the financial system what the Internet did to media.” — Harvard Business Review “Around 80% of banks are developing their own blockchain technology.” — ValueWalk “Blockchain will be used by 15% of big banks by 2017.” — Fortune Google the phrase “blockchain and banks” and you’ll get more than half a million results, many…

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DX17 Offers Insight into Improving UX, Payments, and Future of Branches

Registration for the upcoming Deluxe Exchange 17 (DX17) is in full swing. Whether your focus is on the retail or commercial side of your financial institution, you’ll find the DX17 agenda packed with valuable sessions. Slated for Feb. 7-8, 2017, at the legendary Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, DX17 will feature some of the financial industry’s…

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Mobile Emerges as the Value-added Service with the Most Power to Drive Loyalty

Successful loyalty programs employ a variety of tactics to help engage consumers.  Recently this has become harder to do because of an emerging trend: consumers want more value. In exchange for handing over their hard-earned dollars, customers want something more in return than just the products or services they’re paying for. Some industries  are doing…

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The Practical Futurist (no, that’s not an oxymoron…)

I’ll admit I entered Sheryl Connelly’s keynote session at the NACHA Payments conference with a healthy dose of skepticism. I’m usually underwhelmed by futurists- I generally find them to be skilled public speakers espousing notions too high level for practical application. Connelly is a refreshing exception. As Chief Futurist (they employ more than one?) for…

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UL, Corporate Transformation and the Continuing EMV Saga

Consumers of a certain age can vividly recall the black & white Underwriters Laboratories tag affixed to power cords of every household electrical appliance. Through the magic of LinkedIn I recently connected with representatives of UL (now the firm’s legal name) and discovered an organization that’s found fascinating ways to evolve with the times, including…

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Durbin Amendment: The Fourth Birthday of the Law Bankers Love to Hate

The Durbin Amendment turned four years old in October, but bankers forgot to order a cake. Rather than financial institutions getting comfortable or at least developing grudging acceptance with the passage of time, their animosity toward the rule has only grown. In fact, the anniversary of Durbin’s October 1 effective date triggered a renewed flame…

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