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The Key to Mastering the Evolving Mortgage Marketplace

The Key to Mastering the Evolving Mortgage Marketplace Mortgage application volume dropped 7.4 percent in July on the heels of the Fed raising its federal funds rate, CNBC reports. With Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen announcing the central banks will likely soon begin reducing its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, long-term interest rates could continue to rise…

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Marketing is About Signals: How data influences all channels

In financial services, it’s very tempting for marketers to think of their activities in terms of channels. In fact, some of you might be tasked with being an expert in one of them which means you have a singularly threaded focus and goal. Each channel has its own idiosyncrasies, its own processes, its own KPI’s,…

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Learn How to Identify, Analyze and Act on New Loan Opportunities

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel once said “You (should) never let a crisis go to waste … it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Anyone who ever lived in or followed Chicago on the news knows the mayor of Chicago has more than their share of crises to deal with, so he’d…

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Do you know how your peers compare?

By Vickie Hendrickson Fair lending compliance continues to be a focus area for regulators and heightened examination scrutiny. Knowing how your peers compare is something that financial institutions are expected to understand as it relates to offering and approving loans to individuals in protected classes. What we’re really talking about is the evolving expectations that…

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5 New Marketing Competencies for Mortgage and Consumer Lending

When marketing mortgages and consumer loans, is it business as usual and the same-old-same-old for your community bank or credit union? Sure, certain marketing strategies will remain timeless — addressing customers by name when they interact with branch staff comes to mind. But successfully building loan portfolios in these changing times requires financial institutions to…

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Pre-emptive Advertising

There’s a method advertisers have used since at least the 1800s. It still works today. This method can separate your financial institution from your competitors in the minds of consumers in your market. The unfortunate fact most banks and credit unions face is how consumers consider their products and services. Most consumers feel all banks…

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Your Bankers Should Have Skin in the Game

Motivating people often requires a delicate balance of carrots and sticks. For years, the banking industry has done a pretty good job of providing carrots to inspire loan officers to increase their numbers, and write more and bigger loans. Many industry watchers would argue that emphasis on carrots contributed to the sheer volume of unsustainable…

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