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Lending in Rising Rate Environment: A Look at HELOCs

Of course, there’s no such thing as free money, but the historically low-interest rates of the past few years have been about as close as most consumers will ever get to the concept. Those low rates meant many consumers decided it was worth a few bucks in closing costs to refinance their higher-rate variable or…

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Nurturing Near-prime Customers to Evolve into Prime Ones

Retail establishments routinely fight to win over the best customers. Those with expendable funds and/or a willingness to use credit to buy products from them. While it’s challenging, those that build the right customer experience have found loyalty in a very price conscious market. Companies like Amazon,, Target, and even Best Buy now have…

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How Community Banks Can Up Their Lending Game Against Marketplace Lenders

While finding a niche market can be a revenue boon for a small bank, consumer lending has long been the bread and butter of most community banks. Selling mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and other consumer products is a natural fit for smaller financial institutions that emphasize the importance of personalized bank-customer relationships in a…

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The Investor Call that Sent Ripples through the Alternative Lending Industry

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and think that everything is happening at once. Sometimes, though, it’s true, everything is happening all at once! The Alternative Lending industry will definitely look back at May 2016 as one of those periods when everything happened at once – where big parts of the way businesses work were altered…

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Six Slick Ways to Leverage the Small Business Owner’s Dissatisfaction with Online Lenders

Joe wants to borrow some money to buy the equipment his micro-business needs to grow. Discouraged at his prospects of getting a loan from a traditional bank, Joe applies to an online lender and quickly gets approved. At first, Joe is thrilled to have the money he needs, but soon problems emerge and he realizes…

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4 Things Lenders Should Know about Their Customers But Probably Don’t

In a marketplace where it’s just as easy for a small financial institution to offer the services customers want most as it is for a large bank, it’s their level of personal touch that continues to -set them apart. Customers expect a very personal experience when they interact with their community bank or credit union….

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WEBINAR: Best Practices in Lending Campaigns

How effective are your efforts to market your lending products? Are you putting to good use all the channels available to you, or are you using only some? Are you reaching only certain target audiences and missing the mark with others? Can you even tell how well you’re doing? A preliminary look at The Financial…

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