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Data Can Be Key in Improving Your Customer Experience

Imagine a chef who has leading-edge cookware at his disposal, top-of-the-line appliances and virtually limitless access to the most delicious, exotic, and exciting ingredients imaginable. You would think he has everything he needs to serve guests at his restaurant the most amazing meal they’ll ever eat. Except he’s missing one key element — an element…

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The Right Way to Draft Your 2017 Marketing Plan and Budget

I have seen many financial institutions’ marketing budget and marketing plan in my day, and I’m often amazed at the thought process that goes into them. They run the gamut from extremely complex to entirely too vague. Some banks and credit unions just automatically give their marketing department the same number of marketing dollars every…

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Your Fast Follower Strategy is Riskier Than You Realize

In my last post Leaders, Learners and Laggards I talked about banking leaders who describe their approach to innovation as being a “fast follower, and how my typical retort is that they are half-right— most of them are definitely followers, but there usually isn’t anything fast about their approach. This has spurred some great discussions…

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Evolution of the CFO: Moving from Bean Counting to Big-Picture Growth

I write this post today surrounded by water. At ground zero for the recent flooding in South Louisiana, I’m forced to watch friends and family as they salvage what’s left of the destruction. Many of these flood victims are located in high lying areas that have historically, NEVER flooded and thus, are without the benefit…

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Uncovering Rocks to Find Innovative Cost Cutting Opportunities — Without buying cheap toilet paper

In college, my nutritional value came primarily from Ramen noodles and Pop-tarts.  I would add a little variety into my diet every now and then – such as switching from chicken to the pork flavor of ramen.  When I got tired of the same old cuisine, I employed a few food hacks like adding a…

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Responsible Innovation The Key to Successful Growth for Banks

The Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) initiated a working group in 2015 to begin to assess the evolution of technology and innovation in financial services, resulting in publication of a white paper at end of Q1, and requested industry comments on strategic questions. The dialog will continue later this month, at an OCC…

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6 Ways Successful CFOs are Smarter than You (So Far)

When you look at how the CFO role has evolved in the past decade or so, you can’t help but think your predecessors had it easy. In the old days, the CFO’s thought processes might have gone something like this: Worry about emerging competition? That’s the development officer’s headache. Dazzle board members and investors? On…

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