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Lending Signals: Powerful Tools to Find and Target Consumers for Loans

Last week, I fired up an app on my phone and while using it, a message popped up. Nordstrom was having a sale on Ted Baker suits, I was intrigued … and they knew I would be because they know what I like. This is the new norm for businesses today, data is changing the…

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Using Data Analytics to Drive Lending Opportunities in a Rising Rates Environment

Times are changing for lending organizations, and it’s not by their choice. With the Federal Reserve raising rates last year by a quarter-point three times in six months, and more increases planned for 2018, the lending environment is rapidly changing for banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations. The status quo isn’t good enough. What…

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Three ways to use signals for customer retention

Consumers have more options — and more ways to search for them — than ever before. While this was once reserved for consumable products like a smart watch player or a new pair of shoes, consumers are exploring financial products, such as HELOCs and auto loans, in new ways. Thanks to many of the alternative…

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Is Customer Experience on the Radar or Long Gone for your Financial Institution?

I recently had the joy of painting our master bedroom. I’m sure you caught onto the sarcasm of that first line. Our adventure started with a trip to Sherwin William (for the first time ever) to pick out colors. Armed with throw pillows we chatted with a color consultant for a good ten minutes and…

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Critical Steps for Building a Successful Contextual Marketing Program

Context matters. You can dramatically change the meaning of a story or a stat by removing the context or by starting mid-thought. In fact, just a month ago Meryl Streep wrote an almost 3,000 character response in the Huffington Post defending a comment she made that was taken out of context. Even Vice President Joe…

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