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The Importance of the Press Release

Your marketing department focuses on creating advertising and promotions that open new accounts. You may even use branding-style advertising to keep your financial institution’s name in front of the public. Event and sponsorships might be part of your plan. But don’t overlook the importance of a well-devised press release to give you “good press” and…

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Ask the Right Question and Increase Business

Yesterday’s blog by Amiee Ball suggests making a simple change in your daily routine to boost revenues. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s an idea that can change the way your financial institution’s staff interacts with customers. Better yet, if put into practice your FI can see a significant increase in new account openings and the use of…

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New Research Shows Communication Vital to Switchers

Bank switchers represent both a risk and an opportunity for financial institutions. The risk is not only that your current account holders may decamp to another bank. You must also consider the risk that a switcher your FI snagged away from another will stagnate, never fully engage and end up costing your FI more money…

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How Digital Experiences are Changing the Path to Purchase

If there’s one enduring truth that applies to marketers across every industry it’s this: What works today may not work tomorrow. When it comes to acquiring customers at your financial institution, that truism certainly seems to be prophetic. A study by Forrester Consulting entitled Solving the Omni-Channel Dilemma: The Digital Consumers’ Path to Purchase a…

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Two Marketing Lessons from a 31-Day Campaign Blitz

Even if you don’t create TV promotions for your financial institution, there are two important lessons to take away from today’s featured marketing campaign. During a 31-day period that spanned mid-May to mid-June this year, McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, aired 25 different TV commercials that promoted its limited-time sirloin burger. Sure, your marketing budget would…

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Marketers, Don’t Let Legal Write Your Website Copy

A visit to a financial institution’s website reminded me how too often website copy is composed by people who know nothing about good marketing practices. Your website is a high-profile marketing medium, available to anyone, whenever they want to see it. Prospects are likely visiting your financial institution’s website to find information. They’re curious about…

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Stop Trying to Attract Everyone in Your Advertising

Many advertisers, including banks and credit unions, waste advertising budgets by producing ads that don’t attract the audience who most want the product or service they’re promoting. With a little care and knowledge of what to look for, it doesn’t need to be that way. One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is to assume…

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