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Strategic Responses to the Rising Rates Environment

Air travelers largely fall into two categories: those who pay attention to the safety instructions and mentally plan how they’ll respond in different emergency scenarios, and those who ignore the flight attendant and just keep doing whatever they were doing before the safety announcements began. The current rising rates environment is like a plane full of bankers…

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The Paper Check Lives: Why the Check Decline Slowed in 2016

You might not yet have seen the results of the new Federal Reserve Payments Study; after all, the summary was released just before the long Christmas holiday. But when you do, one thing that will stand out is the tremendous good fortune of the check – which had been on a collision course with irrelevance…

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DX17 Offers Insight into Improving UX, Payments, and Future of Branches

Registration for the upcoming Deluxe Exchange 17 (DX17) is in full swing. Whether your focus is on the retail or commercial side of your financial institution, you’ll find the DX17 agenda packed with valuable sessions. Slated for Feb. 7-8, 2017, at the legendary Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, DX17 will feature some of the financial industry’s…

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How Banks can Hang Up on the Growing Problem of Call Center Fraud

Fraud has been around in one form or another since humans invented the concept of money. When payments shifted into the digital realm with online and mobile channels, fraudsters followed. In response, banks tightened security measures for online and mobile channels, and embraced chip and PIN technology. Their moderate success in thwarting fraud in those…

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6 Ways Successful CFOs are Smarter than You (So Far)

When you look at how the CFO role has evolved in the past decade or so, you can’t help but think your predecessors had it easy. In the old days, the CFO’s thought processes might have gone something like this: Worry about emerging competition? That’s the development officer’s headache. Dazzle board members and investors? On…

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Bryon Wien’s Surprises Might be Onto Something…Again

I first encountered Byron Wien at a McKinsey event in 2010 and have been following him ever since. The Blackstone Vice Chairman offers informed opinion without arrogance, and succeeds at the subtle art of being provocative while not inflammatory. Each year Wien issues predictions in the form of “Ten Surprises.” He defines them as events…

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You Say You Want a [Payments] Evolution?

When you draw a standing-room crowd for the breakfast slot on the final day of a major industry conference, it’s safe to assume people are interested in your topic. Still, I suspect even the Fed was surprised by the turnout for the readout on their Payment System Improvement initiative. Cheryl Venable (of the Fed’s Retail…

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