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Customer Focus is the Key to a Successful, Ethical Sales Culture

Two million bogus accounts, 5,300 fired employees, over half a million faked credit card applications, $185 million in fines from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a $5 million restitution tab, a CEO resignation and projected business losses that total in the hundreds of billions of dollars for years to come — a scandal the scope…

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(Re)focusing on Trust and Ethics in Marketing

In October I attended DMA 2014 (Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference), where there were over 2200 attendees representing 30+ countries; tons of interesting sessions. Understandably, you couldn’t escape the preponderance of marketing buzzwords such as brand engagement, omni-channel, multi-channel orchestration, customer-centricity, and journey-centric marketing. Those of us in the compliance profession were heartened by the…

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Business Ethics From the Top Down Can Prevent Fraud

By John Burcham, Chief Privacy Officer, EZ Shield Fraud Protection By now we’re all too familiar with sordid tales of greed and fraud committed by executives at the highest levels of corporate America, from Bernie Ebbers (ex-CEO of WorldCom, the nation’s second largest long distance company) to Bernie Madoff (former investment broker). The economic ruin…

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Avoid “Creepy Marketing” by using Permission Marketing

Marketers across all industries face an increasingly uphill battle reaching a receptive audience for their products and services. While omni-channel marketing options may seem endless in this digital age, sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps back due to heightened legal and regulatory scrutiny. Many applaud laws that have restricted what I’ll…

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