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Sure, Bank Branches Are Declining – But Let’s Keep Things in Perspective

Here we go again. We can probably count on a replay of these headlines with every quarterly bank earnings release cycle. Here’s a recent one, courtesy of CNN: “Why Bank of America Branches Are Disappearing.” The article begins with the concise statement, “The future of banking is here- and it’s mobile.” I agree wholeheartedly with this…

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Banks Still Struggle to Align Budget Allocation with Marketing Goals puts out a sensational graphic every year that I’ve been following since about 2014. When it first came out in 2011, the graphic contained about 150 marketing technology vendors and the list included Marketo, Eloqua, Oracle, and others. Many of the companies on the 2011 graphic are no longer in business … some were…

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Digital Channels and Digital Marketing are Vital to Marketing Success

Over the past several weeks I have had many conversations with Jim Marous about the 2016 Financial Marketing Trend report from the Digital Banking Report and The Financial Brand. The report shares the findings of an extensive FI marketing survey and was proudly sponsored, this year, by Deluxe. The findings of this study and more…

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Bringing the Digital and Mobile Evolution into the Branch

“6 Ways to Overcome the Mobile Zombie Apocalypse in Bank Branches” “Will Branches Ever Die” “Bank Branches Are Dead: Long Live Call Centers” “Why Branches Aren’t Dead Yet” This is a sampling of headlines you’ll find on The Financial Brand when you look up branches. In all there were 63 pages of articles on the…

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Branch Banking Meets Digital and Mardi Gras Goes Skiing: Prepare For the New Normal

We just celebrated Fat Tuesday down in New Orleans. If you’ve never experienced New Orleans during Mardi Gras, try to imagine the biggest free party on Earth. It’s a day of flamboyant costumes, marching bands, and people dancing in the streets as lavish floats roll by and parade watchers beg riders to “throw me something,…

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Is Your Financial Institution Ready for Digital Natives?

If you’re the kind of person that likes statistics and meshes that with a love of marketing, the following from Pew Research Center is right up your alley: By the year 2020, 40% of the United States population will be “Digital Natives” and will account for up to 39% of the nation’s personal income. What,…

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Banking Channel Shift is for Real … Except With Checks

By now only the truly clueless have missed the polar shift that’s taking place in the banking industry, as your account holders are increasingly choosing digital channels for interacting with their financial institutions. This was abundantly clear if you were at Deluxe Exchange last week and caught the session called “Digital Consumers’ Path to Purchase…

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