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Creative Approaches to Amplify RDC Revenue in 2018

How one bank’s creative thinking generated $90,000 in potential RDC revenue—in just 25 days Time is money. We’ve all heard that old adage. It implores us to work smarter rather than harder, in order to achieve our goals. And trite as it may sound, it’s still solid advice for 2018, especially as you consider this year’s sales…

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Forbes, Faster Payments, and FinTech: Cutting-Edge Banking Topics at Deluxe Exchange 2018

Hundreds of movers and shakers in the banking industry will mix, mingle, and get up to speed on the latest industry topics when Deluxe Exchange (aka DX18) takes place in Boca Raton, Florida, Feb. 5-7. The annual banking conference sponsored by Deluxe Financial Services attracts leading treasury management, retail banking, and marketing executives from across…

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The Rules of Engagement: SMB Edition

How should you engage SMB customers to sell business mobile? New industry research concludes it may be best to put down the phone. Celent approached 397 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to ask them how they prefer to engage with their banks. Their answers were loud and clear. Read on to find out the best communication tactic to get their attention….

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Beyond the Trends: What’s Really on the Horizon for Banks in 2016 and Beyond

As the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look at what’s on the horizon for the rest of the year. The financial services pros at Mintel Compremedia, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, recently published their Financial Services Marketing Trends for 2016. I really enjoyed learning more about what the experts at…

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Gamification: The Trick to Winning the Engagement Game

The fundamental goal of every loyalty program is to engage the customer. How do you do that? The equation seems ridiculously simple — excitement equals engagement. However, a recent study by eMarketer would seem to indicate things just aren’t adding up for many program members; while average consumers belong to slightly more than 13 loyalty…

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How to Turn Engaged Account Holders into Active and Profitable Advocates

Banks rack up revenue for every new account holder they enroll, but accounts don’t really achieve optimum profitability until the customer is fully engaged — and too often in the banking world, the relationship never reaches that level. Allowing new customers to stagnate is money left on the table, especially when you consider the long-term…

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Loyalty Program Drivers: Is Your Financial Institution in it for the Right Reasons?

Marketers across virtually every industry have turned to loyalty programs to help build their brands and drive consumer behaviors. Many succeed, others do not. Yet in the banking world, it seems more common for programs to struggle for efficacy and profitability. Why is that? What’s different in the financial industry that makes it so difficult…

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