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Could The Other Shoe Drop on Bank Overdraft Fees?

Apparently, banks haven’t heard the last from the federal government when it comes to their overdraft protection practices and fees.  Now, the folks at the FDIC have come up with some overdraft protection guidelines of their own for the approximately 5,000 community banks falling under its jurisdiction.  Once the proposed rules become effective, banks and…

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Another Intrusion into Banking Services

While most banks and credit unions offer a Christmas Club savings account, few promote the service to customers, members, or the public. That lapse allowed retailers to make another inroad into what was once a banking-only domain. In 2009, Sears and Kmart, both owned by Sears Holding Corp., offered a branded Christmas Club card. The…

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You’ll be Shocked to Discover Who Recommends Small Banks and Credit Unions

Who wouldn’t stop to read the article below the bold headline, “Ten Money Moves That Will Always Pay Off“?  In today’s struggling economy, almost all of us are on the prowl for ways to save money. Scanning the ten bold subheads before actually reading the article, number 5 screamed at me.  It reads “Fire you…

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Consumer Magazine Favors Community Financial Institutions

Did you read the compliments Consumers Union gave community banks and credit unions in its July issue of Consumer Reports? It’s only a half-page article, but the message is clear. “When to bail on your bank,” is on page 9. After two introductory paragraphs, the article covers four topics under the subheads “Better credit cards,”…

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Say “Happy Holidays” To Your Communities

Community banks and credit unions should continue to separate themselves in the consumers’ minds from the mega-banks that earned the general public’s distrust. The year-end holiday season offers another opportunity to do so. Now is the time to plan. Here are a few examples to start the idea process. A CEO decided to tell the…

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The Death of Free Checking Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

The future of free checking remains bright but you wouldn’t know it by reading the dubious headline “End Is Seen to Free Checking” perched atop the article appearing in Wednesday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal. Of course, such a headline makes sense if you simply remember the mass news media mantra: “If it bleeds…

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Big Banks Are Getting Bigger

Two mega-banks are opening more branches in the Sacramento area. We don’t need more mega-bank branches in the area. The market doesn’t need more branches.

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