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Your bank can automate treasury onboarding. But should you?

Let’s reflect on a few spectacular technology failures that were in the news. Facebook’s massive data scandal has everyone questioning the wisdom of taking that BuzzFeed quiz while they should’ve been working, leading to distrust of big data and speculation that it’s turning into Big Brother. And the tragic deaths caused by Uber and Tesla’s…

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Deluxe Exchange 2016: Bigger and more insightful than ever

Another Deluxe Exchange is in the books. This year’s event brought even more excitement, more content, more speakers, and more fun than ever before. The annual conference unites key industry thought leaders to talk about the issues that most concern bankers throughout the U.S. With close to 60 breakout sessions over two days, there is…

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Can You Open Accounts Using Warm, Fuzzy Feelings?

Product. Product. Product. That’s what your financial institution offers. Just like the hardware store, the supermarket, the clothing store all push products, your bank or credit union pushes checking, loan, and savings products. There’s a new series of broadcast spots created by an agency for Union Bank, a regional bank based in San Francisco. The…

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Where’s The Bank on This List?

Unfortunately, banks are absent from both lists. Most of us are fascinated with lists – especially lists like the Top 10 Best, The Top 100 Fastest, The Top 50 Most Successful, and on and on. Producing and promoting these “Best of” lists has become a growth industry in the media business. These lists are one…

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