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The importance of succession planning at community banks

According to AARP, approximately 8,000 Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age (65) every day in the United States. Look around at your bank’s leadership and ask yourself – how many of them will be getting there shortly? Depending on your answer, you might also ask – how solid is your succession planning? If you’re wondering…

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Creating an Effective Board through Assessments and Succession Planning

“Choose your friends wisely.” “You are known by the company you keep.” “Surround yourself with amazing people.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve imparted these words of wisdom to your own children and certainly had them told to you on at least one occasion. We pass along this knowledge as the crowds you frequent influence…

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Banishing Boardroom Boredom: Tips for better board packages

Audience: Credit Unions – May 19 | 1 pm ET | 12 pm CT Webinar Details The buzz about interest rates is sure to be a hot topic at your next board meeting. But you don’t want your board to get stuck on that topic alone. There is a lot of other content to cover,…

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Do’s and Don’ts in Right-Sizing Your Dashboard

By Darin Hartman, Risk Governance Analyst, Deluxe Corporation Last year showed enormous amounts of fraud, multiple data breaches, multiple risk areas were exposed, and it became apparent that big data = a potentially big mess. Data wasn’t the only issue, the world of third party oversight and assurance continued to trend toward custom questionnaires and onsite…

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Will the European Trend of CFO to CEO Travel Across the Pond?

For those of us who make our livelihood in the banking industry, trend-following is a must. While America is, inarguably, a major influencer of the global economy, trends can emerge overseas that have ramifications for the domestic banking industry. I have to wonder what the import might be for the recent European trend of CFOs…

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5 Bogus Fears Bank Executives May Have About Data

At Deluxe, we love data. Finding ways to help the banking industry make optimum use of the vast quantities of data it compiles is our bread and butter. So I had to raise an eyebrow at a recent American Banker study that found C-suite banking executives appear to be apathetic at best, and fearful at…

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Breach Response 101: Educate your C-Suite & Board of Directors

Between the Q1 market response to retailer breaches and the Heartbleed Bug Vulnerability, organizations of all sizes are assessing and reviewing their internal and external incident management policies, standards and procedures. The pace at which incidents can go viral requires communication to be coordinated at all levels within an organization. A challenge for many companies…

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