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Creative Approaches to Amplify RDC Revenue in 2018

How one bank’s creative thinking generated $90,000 in potential RDC revenue—in just 25 days Time is money. We’ve all heard that old adage. It implores us to work smarter rather than harder, in order to achieve our goals. And trite as it may sound, it’s still solid advice for 2018, especially as you consider this year’s sales…

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RDC Hits Maturity…Or Has It?

Analysts predict 10% annual growth in desktop RDC and staggering $768 million mRDC revenue opportunity Maturity. Eventually, it sneaks up on all of us, whether we calculate that milestone by age, state-of-mind, or simply lessons learned. Trading the bachelor sports car for a family minivan, for instance, or becoming the mentor instead of the mentee….

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If Your Bank Offers RDC, Its Probably Time For A Major Upgrade

From its start, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) has enjoyed tremendous growth in adoption, cementing its place as one of the most successful product introductions in the history of the banking industry. And by all accounts, there’s plenty of upside growth ahead for RDC, thanks to new offerings targeted to the SMB market. The SMB market…

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SMB Mobile Deposit: $90 Million Annual Revenue Opportunity for FIs with Solutions Addressing Business Needs

New research from Aite Group points to strong demand for mobile RDC among SMBs; willingness to pay as much as $20 a month for mRDC offerings that address business needs, save them time and money. by Patti Murphy, When it comes to selling mobile RDC to small and mid-sized businesses, most financial institutions are…

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How one bank migrated 30,000 RDC accounts to a new platform in 14 months

“There were moments of calm, and moments of sheer terror,” said the bank’s director of cash management products and services. Migrating your clients from a legacy RDC platforms to a new system is a big deal when all of them use RDC. But the bank needed an RDC partner with a customer support philosophy that…

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3 research-backed strategies to introduce business mobile to SMBs

Check deposits continue to drive branch traffic with 93 percent of surveyed SMBs making branch deposits. These statistics provide motivation to migrate these expensive branch transactions to self-service channels such as business mobile remote capture. Like consumer mobile, business mobile is deployed either by being integrated to an institution’s mobile app or as a stand-alone,…

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I work in Fintech and still use a check book to buy ice cream

For most small businesses, cash really isn’t king. Nearly all small businesses accept checks. Case and point, my favorite seasonal, mom-and-pop ice cream store has a rabid fan following that includes yours truly. Their homemade brownies spun with vanilla soft serve drove customers to pitch tents and camp outside before the store’s opening day in…

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